Sun Domes

Sun Domes will transform that dim and dingy room into a bright and inviting living space with natural light.

If any of the rooms in your home do not benefit from a natural light source, then a Sun Dome may be all you need to transform that dim and dingy room into a bright and inviting living space.

The addition of a sundome will allow natural light flood into room interiors to illuminate the living area beneath. Natural light reflects off the tunnel sidewalls, illuminating the room below.

Sundomes are a revolutionary way to pipe natural light from your rooftop into your home,  to brighten areas from dawn to dusk, where natural light from windows cannot reach. Ideal for bathrooms, en-suites, hallways, kitchens and walk-in wardrobes in need of the benefits of natural light. The amount of intensified light that can be delivered by even the smallest of systems is remarkable.

The Sun dome energy free, super-reflective tube even extends through adjustable bends and has an internal mirror-finish that intensifies and reflects natural light delivering free outdoor light (even on cloudy days) to a room or area below — where the light is evenly diffused by a translucent ceiling fixture. The Suntube has a sealed column of air to prevent heat loss or solar warming.

Product Benefits

  • Provides energy free light into any home, with no running costs.
  • No loss of heat in cold weather and no increase in temperature, even in direct sunlight.
  • No limit to the length of  Suntube, or number of bends used, so suitable for all pitched and flat roofing installations.
  • No structural alterations required with refurbishment projects, as the Suntube can be routed around existing roof support work.
  • Highly durable, low maintenance product.
  • Toughened construction to make the sun dome virtually burglar-proof and vandal resistant.
  • Self-cleaning and condensation free sun dome.
  • Simple, clean and quick installation.