Roof Windows

Roof Windows provide a visually pleasing, practical and  maintenance-free method of introducing daylight and ventilation into loft and roof spaces.

Natural Light

Natural Light has now become a design feature in many modern, eco-friendly, designer homes. Fitting a roof window within a solid roof area can create a strong focal point within a living area and a source of endless natural light, with no running costs, which is environmentally friendly and is proven to improve your mood, when compared to exposure to artificial lighting alone.


Attic and loft spaces should always be adequately ventilated. Most roof windows can provide ventilation by means of integral air inlets, which are screened to prevent insects entering.  Centre Pivot or Top Hung windows can be manually opened as required.

Johnathan Roberts Roofing Contractors only fit the  highest quality roof windows, which are guaranteed  to be durable, safe and functional, together with unrivalled insulation properties.

To ensure that our felt roofing installations provide maximum durability and lifespan, we can supply and fit triple layered felts using the very latest, highest quality, Polyester based manufacturing process, so you are always assured of the best possible finished job with our high standard of craftsmanship

For your complete peace of mind, our felt roofing installations are fully guaranteed against material defect and failure due to poor workmanship for a period of between 10 to 15 years, which are fully backed by both manufacturer and additional insurance backed cover.