Felt Roofing

Jonathan Roberts Felt Roofing services range from Domestic repair and installation to large scale, commercial and industrial properties.

Felt roofing is utilised in many applications, such as extensions, garages, dorma roofing, porch roofing, roof gardens and balconies, making this one of the most common types of flat roof covering in the UK.

Traditionally, it was common practice to use mineral based felt roofing materials, which, due to the nature of the product, would deteriorate within a few years of initial installation. Advancements in felt roofing technology have brought about a polyester based felt material, which does not suffer from any of the common failings associated with mineral felt installations such as blistering, brittleness, cracking and joint failure. Further, we insist on only using the highest quality roofing materials, all fully backed by 10, 15 and even 20-year guarantees, all installed to the highest standards.

Jonathan Roberts Roofing are approved contractors for a number of county councils and carry out off of the felt roofing installations on substations for one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers.